Developing technologies to solve the world problems with a dedicated team of engineers, scientists and inventors. Our common binding goal is the service and betterment of mankind.

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Remarkable Technologies Inc., (RTI)

RTI desires to partner with entrepreneurs that challenge conventional thinking and solve the hard problems regarding our world’s challenges.

Water Technologies

Remarkable Technologies realizes that the lack of potable water is the number one crisis in the world. Remarkable Technologies has teamed up with Full Circle Energy, Inc. to develop water desalination systems and waste water treatment systems.

Green Energy

RTI is working with Full Circle Energy, Inc. and other strategic alliance companies in developing renewable green energy.  Full Circle Energy, Inc. has developed a state-of-the-art renewable energy system that addresses garbage, spent tires, sewage sludge, and other organic waste streams.

Solar and
Renewable Energy

RTI has strategic alliances with Pillar Efficiencies, LLC, and other state-of-the-art solar technology companies.  It is RTI’s goal to help develop solar that will provide a capital payback in two years or less.

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Creating Global Change Through Innovative Technologies
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Our Vision

Remarkable Technologies, Inc. (RTI) desires partnerships with entrepreneurs and innovators that challenge conventional thinking and solve the hard problems regarding our world’s most fundamental needs. We specifically look at companies that have developed disruptive technologies with billions of dollars of market potential. We invest in innovation that has the potential to change the structure of these markets.

Our Philosophy

The principals of RTI have over 150 years of combined entrepreneurial and start-up experience, and are very familiar with the challenges therein. We understand that more than capital is required to achieve business success.  Our experience tells us that for any new business to succeed there are many factors involved.  The first thing to be identified the products marketability.  A strong business plan, including the resultant marketing plan, needs to be developed. The management team needs to be strong, experienced, and savvy.  Many start-ups overlook key elements of making a company successful, focusing too heavily only on raising capital.  Many start-ups lack key management experience, and this is where RTI adds value that can be vital to success. RTI evaluates all the key factors of a start-up and will partner with entrepreneurs to develop a master plan that will provide every advantage for success. RTI is not interested in capitalizing a company and then hoping that the entrepreneur can make it happen.

Remarkable Technologies takes the position that we are in the “Company Building Business”, not in the “capital" business.

Our Strategy

RTI has found that by working closely with entrepreneurs at the conceptual stage, our experience has the most impact and benefit to the entrepreneur.  A partnership is first established after a thorough initial interview and due diligence process. Our guiding principle throughout the partnership is honesty and transparency. To structure the company for success, we prepare a complete general outline, addressing the business plan, marketing plan, budget,staffing, and management requirements, and of course the needed capital requirements.

Having evaluated every angle, we only commit to companies that we firmly believe will be not just good, but great. Our typical initial commitment is $100K - $500K in seed money, helping a new start-up to meet certain bench-marks before a complete financial commitment is made.

When we make an investment in a company, one of RTI’s principals joins their Board, and the rest of the Remarkable Technologies Management team continues to support the business and is available to help on any issue.

Remarkable Technologies is aligned with top strategic partners who can assist in meeting the needs of our clients. They include...


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