The Guiding Principle of RTI is serving the world with new technologies, providing unparalleled benefit to mankind.  Too often, our world is dictated by greed, corruption and power. The desire of RTI is to build a new economy based on doing the right thing for the benefit of mankind.

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Remarkable Technologies Inc., (RTI)

RTI desires to partner with entrepreneurs that challenge conventional thinking and solve the hard problems regarding our world’s challenges.

Water Technologies

Remarkable Technologies realizes that the lack of potable water is the number one crisis in the world. Remarkable Technologies has teamed up with Full Circle Energy, Inc. to develop water desalination systems and waste water treatment systems.

Green Energy

RTI is working with Full Circle Energy, Inc. and other strategic alliance companies in developing renewable green energy.  Full Circle Energy, Inc. has developed a state-of-the-art renewable energy system that addresses garbage, spent tires, sewage sludge, and other organic waste streams.

Solar and
Renewable Energy

RTI has strategic alliances with Pillar Efficiencies, LLC, and other state-of-the-art solar technology companies.  It is RTI’s goal to help develop solar that will provide a capital payback in two years or less.

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Creating Global Change Through Innovative Technologies
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These are the areas of RTI's development of a "New World Economy"

  Waste Water Treatment
  Water Desalination - Providing potable water to the world
  Waste to Energy Technologies
  Clean Coal Gasification Technologies
  Efficient Solar Technologies
  Development of Utility Company (Sierra Foothills Public Utilities District)
  Efficient Transformer Technologies
  New Battery Technologies
  Hydrogen Technologies for Energy
  Heat Exchange Technologies
  Hybrid Aircraft Transportation for the world
  Hydrogen Car Technologies
  Battery Car Technologies
  Food Growing Technologies & Processes to feed the world
  Technologies for processing food
  Fruit and vegetable growth / production
  Technologies that increase production in the Meat industries. (Chicken, Pork, and Beef)
  New patents on medications to contend with the world's leading diseases
  New Health Screening process to diagnosis all aspects of wellness
  Health Insurance
Financial Services
  Retirement Plans
  Economics education program
Building Materials and technologies for energy efficient Homes and Commercial Buildings
Natural Resources: Development of properties for the extraction of precious metals
RTI is ever-vigilant in the search for technologies that have a positive impact on the world

Remarkable Technologies is aligned with top strategic partners who can assist in meeting the needs of our clients. They include...


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