Efficient Green Energy

RTI’s engineers and scientists are developing state-of-the-art solar systems that will return the consumer’s capital investment in less than two years.  Currently and in the past, solar has been so expensive that for many applications it did not make economic sense.  RTI’s goal is to revolutionize the solar industry.

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Remarkable Technologies Inc., (RTI)

RTI desires to partner with entrepreneurs that challenge conventional thinking and solve the hard problems regarding our world’s challenges.

Water Technologies

Remarkable Technologies realizes that the lack of potable water is the number one crisis in the world. Remarkable Technologies has teamed up with Full Circle Energy, Inc. to develop water desalination systems and waste water treatment systems.

Green Energy

RTI is working with Full Circle Energy, Inc. and other strategic alliance companies in developing renewable green energy.  Full Circle Energy, Inc. has developed a state-of-the-art renewable energy system that addresses garbage, spent tires, sewage sludge, and other organic waste streams.

Solar and
Renewable Energy

RTI has strategic alliances with Pillar Efficiencies, LLC, and other state-of-the-art solar technology companies.  It is RTI’s goal to help develop solar that will provide a capital payback in two years or less.

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Creating Global Change Through Innovative Technologies
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In The Beginning

Over the last forty years, Fred Furrow, the founder of RTI, has been both directly and indirectly involved in establishing and developing a variety of businesses.  His vision is that RTI will be the hub to provide assistance to entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists developing technologies, helping them turn their technology into a business.

RTI's management team has found that there are many scientists, engineers, and private inventors who have developed innovative and disruptive technologies and products. These Innovators are understandably cautious to relinquish controlling interest in their ideas. They have had prior bad experiences, or have observed others’ negative experiences dealing with what they refer to as  "Vulture Capitalists".  They have developed truly "Remarkable" technologies and products, but do not have the experience in starting a business, or developing a viable business plan or marketing plan that can effectively penetrate the market.

This is where RTI comes in.  RTI's seasoned management team will review the technology or product to evaluate the best path to bring it to market, while protecting the Innovator’s ownership.  From that marketing plan a complete business plan is developed.  The business plan will include the needed staffing, manufacturing, and distribution to maximize the market development in the shortest time frame.

Early Stage Water and Energy Technology Focus

We focus on the newest entrants into the largest emerging technology markets, specifically in Water and Energy.  The long-term growth potential of these markets is substantial. We believe that the two largest crises in the world are clean, potable water and energy. We support companies that have a direct or indirect impact in these sectors. Additionally, RTI is involved and invested in other technology verticals that provide significant benefit to society, but Water and Energy remain our focus.

Team Bios

personel bio picFred L. Furrow | President and Chairman of the Board
Mr. Furrow is co-founder of Remarkable Technologies, Inc., as well as President/CEO of Full Circle Energy, Inc.  Having earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from California State University, Fresno, Mr. Furrow has been an entrepreneur and local businessman who has been involved in the start-up and development of ten corporate entities over the last 30 years.

personel bio picWilliam McCallum | Energy Operations Waste Water Treatment - Consultant
Mr. McCallum has been associated with mechanical engineering and power generation for over 35 years. During his early years in the U.S. Air Force (USAF), Mr. McCallum served as an Electrical Power Generation Master Technician on one of the elite USAF engineering teams that managed the construction and operation of power generation facilities around the world.

personel bio picPaul S. Frederick | SFPUD General Manager - Consultant
With over thirty years of experience in real estate, Mr. Frederick’s background includes the development, leasing and management of commercial, residential and municipal projects throughout Central California.  He has first-hand knowledge in every phase of project development, beginning with entitlements, conceptual designs, due diligence investigation and construction implementation.

personel bio picWayne A. McEwan | Compliance Officer
Mr. McEwan is Principal of Wayne A. McEwan & Associates, specializing in financial investigations, litigation support, and confidential management issues including internal investigations. The company was formed July 2000, after completion of 28 years of distinguished service with the U.S. Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division.

personel bio picMike Hensley | Consultant | Project Fulfillment
Mr. Hensley has spent over 25 years working with major Central California businesses to solve engineering, construction and energy problems. He has successfully developed business and financing strategies to turn around three companies. To date, Mr. Hensley has worked closely with TIC, Johnson Controls International and Siemens, Inc. on major construction projects.

personel bio picBrad Hodges | Consultant | Energy Development
Mr. Hodges has 25 Years with Pacific Corp., the fourth largest utility on the West Coast, specializing in power purchase agreements. He maintains extensive relationships with all utilities in twenty western states.

personel bio picDaniel DeMarco | Project Analysis | VP of Investor Relations
Mr. DeMarco has over thirty years’ experience in sales and marketing of computer-based services and software. Mr. DeMarco has been active the past five years in start-up organizations focused on energy conservation and energy generation. He possesses great versatility, enthusiasm, and tenacity. He is an analytical, detail-oriented, self-starter who possesses strong project management skills.

personel bio pic James W.Coughlin | Project Development - Consultant

James is a retired Navy Intelligence Officer, has been involved with RTI since its inception. He is an experienced consultant with many years in project analysis, vetting of personnel, and projection of cost analysis and project profitability. Mr. Coughlin has been involved for 30 years in the development and funding of real-estate projects, food, and sun care products; gold/precious metals development facilities and oil and gas developments. Also involved in development and funding of mobile medical clinics, specializing in skin cancer with many sales of specialized medical equipment throughout the world under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO). James brings years of experience being able to evaluate the marketability of new technologies on behalf of RTI.

Remarkable Technologies is aligned with top strategic partners who can assist in meeting the needs of our clients. They include...


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