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Remarkable Technologies Inc., (RTI)

RTI desires to partner with entrepreneurs that challenge conventional thinking and solve the hard problems regarding our world’s challenges.

Water Technologies

Remarkable Technologies realizes that the lack of potable water is the number one crisis in the world. Remarkable Technologies has teamed up with Full Circle Energy, Inc. to develop water desalination systems and waste water treatment systems.

Green Energy

RTI is working with Full Circle Energy, Inc. and other strategic alliance companies in developing renewable green energy.  Full Circle Energy, Inc. has developed a state-of-the-art renewable energy system that addresses garbage, spent tires, sewage sludge, and other organic waste streams.

Solar and
Renewable Energy

RTI has strategic alliances with Pillar Efficiencies, LLC, and other state-of-the-art solar technology companies.  It is RTI’s goal to help develop solar that will provide a capital payback in two years or less.

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Creating Global Change Through Innovative Technologies
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Learn About Remarkable Technologies

The vision of RTI is that when human-kind is proceeding through their collective day, their life will be improved by multiple RTI Companies and technologies:

When human-kind wakes up in the morning and brushes their teeth, the water they use will have been provided by a RTI company or technology. The sewage water that leaves their home will go to a RTI sewage treatment plant. When they plug in their toaster, the electricity they use in their home will have been provided by an RTI company or technology.  The home they live in will have been built incorporating RTI technology.  The very food they eat during the day will have been provided by one of the RTI companies supplying food for the world.  The groceries that they purchase will have been delivered to the store with an RTI transportation company. When they leave for work they will be driving either a hydrogen car or a battery car developed by one of RTI’s technologies or companies. Their Retirement Plan will be through an RTI company. Their insurance- life, health and auto- will be through an RTI company.  Their mortgage and their banking will be through RTI companies. Their new economic education will be from an RTI company. Virtually all aspects of a person's life will be affected by an RTI company. Our goal is to elevate the total quality of life for every human on the planet.

Remarkable Technologies is aligned with top strategic partners who can assist in meeting the needs of our clients. They include...


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